Past life regression is a gentle yet powerful process that allows people to heal emotional and physical issues, to become profoundly empowered and to transform their lives. To learn more about it please see past life regression therapy.

I offer in person 1 on 1 past life regression sessions in Santa Monica Calif..

I also offer phone or Skype 1 on 1 personal past life regression sessions.

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Mira, I wanted to thank you so much for my session today. I can honestly say it was life changing. I would never in a million years have expected what I experienced today. What a powerful emotional release! Of emotions that I never even knew were within me. Thank you for your gentle nature and kind and loving heart. I felt so safe with you. You held such a beautiful space. I’m still processing everything that happened, bits are slowly coming back to me. I cannot even begin to put into words how powerful the process was and the clear insights that I received. I feel lighter and a deep sense of freedom. It feels like I’m ready for life to begin.

Thank you just doesn’t seem to sum up what I’m feeling right now.

Sending much love


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The experiences people have in my private sessions, in my workshops and with my regression recordings are transformational.

Yet, people want more.

They want to keep the change going. They want to be powerfully supported as they work on creating bigger, more expansive, richer and more fulfilling lives for themselves.

Because of that people always ask me – Can I work with you for a longer period of time?

And now the answer is – YES!

I am creating a limited number of slots so that we can work together continuously. I will support you through regression, coaching, EFT tapping and all the tools I use every day.

Our focus will be on you – what you need, what you are going through and most importantly the results that you are looking for.

You will love the magic and the results we create together for you.

If you know you have to be one of my private coaching clients – email me at using the form below.

Sample Session

Enjoy this sample EFT session with a client during one of Mira’s classes.

You will be able to enjoy this one on one time with Mira during your coaching sessions designed specially to your needs. As well as so much more



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On your VIP Day, we will spend 6 hours together digging deep and creating changes in your life. You can come to Santa Monica and we will do this in person. Or we can work together on Skype.Our focus will be exclusively on you — releasing the baggage of the past and creating a new life for you.We will use all my tools — past life regression, coaching, tapping, meditation and you will feel and see the results.

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