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Transform your health and relationships and gain clarity on your life’s purpose through the powerful process of past-life regression. This in-depth exploration of your past, parallel, and future life experiences empowers you to understand and embrace your soul lessons, shift your consciousness, and create change. Learn to

  • Connect with your higher self
  • Receive guidance
  • Open up to emotional and physical healing.

This engaging program features meditations, immersive regression sessions, discussions, personal sharing from Mira Kelley, and stories from her clients about their life-altering discoveries. Whether you have prior experience with past-life regression or are a newly curious adventurer, you can learn who you have been, receive healing and answers for present challenges, and create your greatest future potential. Return home transformed, empowered, inspired, and connected with the highest aspects of your soul.

Recommended reading Mira Kelley, Beyond Past Lives.

Register at https://kripalu.org/presenters-programs/past-life-regression-healing-and-transformation


“I want to say how much value I got from the group regression sessions at Kripalu last summer, and from reading your book prior to attending Kripalu. I was a weekend retreat attendee back in August of last year and had the pleasure of receiving your warm energy in person. I feel like your teachings have changed my overall perceptions of my life purpose and identity in general, to one that feels more understanding, accepting and loving of myself. I feel like I was able to release some of my past life fears around romantic relationships and experiences of victimhood through a regression session from a couple of my past lives, and during a “happy life” regression, I experienced on a visceral and emotional level how it felt to be loved just as I was. This was powerful, as I have not experienced that as powerfully in this current life manifestation! I found my progression experience to be one of the most valuable sessions – it gave me more clarity, and a lot more hope, for my future. I feel much more empowered to create the future that I want than I ever have!” Maggie P., Charleston, S.C.

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