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In this highly experiential and reality shifting full day workshop you will be able to let go of the blocks of the past and truly live your best life.

We will guide you through:

  • A past life regression so you can visit your past lives, clear your karma and see the big picture of your soul’s journey.
  • A deep, subconscious piercing, meditation to help you embody the energy of your best self.
  • Multiple energy experiments to allow you to tune into divine healing and loving energy.
  • A step by step, easy to use, logical creation method. This will allow you to create anything in which you desire.
  • A practical daily plan to allow you to continue living your most desired life long after your workshop visit.

These topics provide a comprehensive insight into our timeless life experience and uncover our unlimited potential.

You will walk away from this unique experience with a highly enhanced state of being, feeling liberated, empowered and forever changed.


Register at https://lilydaleassembly.org/events/clear-the-past-create-the-future/


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