We get that we create our own reality. We get that beliefs and emotions form our experiences. Yet, when it comes to improving our finances, getting out of debt and experiencing real peace and freedom because¬†we are wealthy, we get stuck. It feels that the environment is controlling us. We go into fear and worry. […]

Angela’s question about why she is alone even though she is a loving and compassionate person can really hit home. So many of us struggle with closeness with our family, friends, coworkers and partners. There can be daily reminders that we are lacking the relationships we long for. Sometimes these reminders come in the form […]

Did you know that you can break relationship patterns? Past life regression works in amazing ways to heal issues with relationships. This works because it allows you to find the root of the problem. Once that is achieved you can release these issues to move on to better things! Learn more in this video. This […]

Frank asked a very thoughtful question. He wanted to know about how there could be past lives if time is not linear, but simultaneous. This is such a great question! I give a condensed and insightful answer below. You can find my book ‘Beyond Past Lives’ here: http://www.mirakelley.com/beyond-past-lives/

I want to share something with you today. A poem that I love. It has moved me and I want to share the experience with you. Something to Live For is an amazing expression of love and inspiration. How often have we traveled through life in a monotone way? Long stretches of life just focusing […]