Are you using your loyalty to be disloyal to yourself? Are you staying stuck in a relationship where you don’t love the person but they are convenient because they don’t demand too much of you and because they save you from feeling alone?  Are you staying stuck in a job where you are not using […]

We get that we create our own reality. We get that beliefs and emotions form our experiences. Yet, when it comes to improving our finances, getting out of debt and experiencing real peace and freedom because we are wealthy, we get stuck. It feels that the environment is controlling us. We go into fear and worry. […]

Angela’s question about why she is alone even though she is a loving and compassionate person can really hit home. So many of us struggle with closeness with our family, friends, coworkers and partners. There can be daily reminders that we are lacking the relationships we long for. Sometimes these reminders come in the form […]