Hello Love, I’m in a wondrous state of excitement and immense gratitude. I am thrilled to announce that I have moved to L.A.! What does this mean? First, it means that I am fulfilling one of my dreams. I have always loved California and I can’t wait to start my life here with its beautiful […]

Carla asked a great question: “I’m struggling to find suitable career. I’m currently a real-estate agent working with my sister. I fee like I’m just riding her coattails. I’m not happy and don’t feel motivated to generate my own leads. What should I be doing instead?” In this video, I ask Carla and all of […]

May you feel empowered to create the life you desire and deserve. May you overcome the darkness of not-enoughness and doubt within, and may you grow into the light of your strength and worthiness. May the seeds of your intentions blossom and create fulfilling new adventures and joyful experiences for you.     I am […]

Have you ever wondered if past life regressions are safe? I can answer that! In this video I talk how regression is like experiencing a dream while being fully conscious. Also, learn how every regression is divinely guided.     For those of you who feel trepidation about doing a regression — what would make you more comfortable connecting with […]

Do you have trouble seeing images in your past life regressions? That is okay! There are other intuitive ways to experience your regression. These ways will allow you to get everything out of it you need. Hear me help someone who didn’t see anything either in this video. And let me teach you how to use […]