Have you, or someone you know, had visions of a horrible death? These visions could be the result of a lesson from a past life. I talk about how you can discover why you’re having these visions and how to make them stop. Join me in this video to learn about these visions and why […]

  Your chakras hold the key to unlocking your wealth! In my Unlimited Wealth class we will journey through the chakras to clear your blocks to prosperity. Each chakra acts as a tuner that is able to receive frequency or electromagnetic signals that carry information. As each of our energy centers gets calibrated to a more […]

Do you have an illness or pain in your body? Is your body trying to tell you something? Hear me talk about Bill’s hernia in this video. Listen to how he found out what his body was trying to tell him and how being aware of your body will set you on the path to […]

Resentment is such a difficult emotion. It comes in so many facets. In order to resolve resentment, you have to look deeper than just the person that initially caused the feeling. I talk about all this and more in this video.     Helping so many reach their feelings and release their resentment, I have […]

Hello Love, I’m in a wondrous state of excitement and immense gratitude. I am thrilled to announce that I have moved to L.A.! What does this mean? First, it means that I am fulfilling one of my dreams. I have always loved California and I can’t wait to start my life here with its beautiful […]