“In Another Life” is a documentary about past lives and past-life memories and it is fascinating to watch. It includes scientific research and first-hand accounts of children’s past-life memories, spontaneous flashback memories of adults’ past lives, past-life regressions, workshop experiences, and even covers Eastern spirituality.



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  1. Vicky Zebrower says:

    I will watch that again, thank you Mira. I thought it was interesting that a woman said early in the film
    that problems don’t come from this life. I think that is not recognizing the importance of the present.
    Someone later on contradicted that idea, which was good. I’m also interested in Maher Baba’s point of view that most people can’t handle the knowledge of their past lives and we should not try to bring the separating wall down, to use his image. I prefer to think of Dr. Brian Weiss’s work and how he was able to help the patient in his first book through past life regression, when nothing else he or anyone did helped her to be able to live a healthy, sane existence.

  2. Bharati Kotak says:

    Hello Mira

    Your explaination really helps
    I strongly believe in Past life and reincarnation
    I have felt this and also met some one in this life were I strongly believe we were together in past life
    I am afraid to discuss this with any one very clearly
    feeling no one would believe me
    But I do want to share this some one who I feel will understand


  3. Thank you for sharing this, Mira. It makes so much sense. Unfortunately “the system” tries to train all this out of us by the time we become adults.
    Thank you for helping to put us in touch with that we already knew but forgot!

  4. Thank you for posting this. We don’t need to believe in anything to have an experience. A hypnosis session is the most direct way to have a direct experience of this well detailed “past life memories”. After that, does it really matter what you believe or disbelieve?

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